PACSOA - Jardin Botanique, Papeete
Jardin Botanique, Papeete

When we arrived there it was raining and the sky was dark with clouds. As we walked by the entrance, I noticed small palms near the enterence which I figured were Pinangas . We borrowed umbrellas and viewed the map for anything that we wanted to visit.

Figure 2. Dypsis leptocheilos

Figure 3. Euterpe sp.

Figure 4. Pelagodoxa henryana

Figure 5. Pinanga maculata

The thing that stood out the most was the Nypa fruticans . We came to a pond that was full of them. Some of the fronds reached 20 feet in height. We then walked down a path to get to the palm section. Here we saw many assorted palms some rare. The ground there seemed to be constantly marshy and wet, the reason for some of the palms' appearance. By the time we left the sky was clear and it was sunny.

Figure 6. Nypa fruticans

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Contributed by: Jason Young

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