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Figure 1. C. media with a new flush of leaves after a fire.



Widely distributed in Australia, from the top of Cape York down to Rockhampton, as well as on some offshore islands, and New Guinea.

Distribution & Habitat:

Typically found near the coast on scrubby hillsides and gullies up onto the ridges. Most areas show signs of burning off.


Height of caudex 2.7m, diameter 64.0cm and unbranched. Number of seed sporophylls from crown about 40. Number of ovules about 200 which average 4 to 6 per sporophyll. Length of sporophyll 37.5cm, original colour of seed green but yellow when ripe. Length of seed 40.0mm and breadth 30.0mm. Frond leaves 42 to 45, length of leaf 1.2m, length of rachis 1.5m. short spines on rachis below leaves 5 to 7 each side, approximately 2.5-3.0cm, pairs of leaflets 45 to 50 pairs. Length at top of frond 25cm across pair, middle measurement 77cm across pair. Lower measurement 39cm across pair, with a prominent midrib nerve. The fronds are glossy green below and yellow green beneath. Some leaf rachis are squarish and others round when viewed at cut end. Average height of tallest specimens about 3.0-3.5m.

Figure 2. C. media in habitat.
Figure 3. C. media
Figure 4. C. media in habitat.
Figure 5. C. media in habitat.

Contributed by:

L. P. Butt (from Palms & Cycads No. 27, Apr-Jun 1990).
Tony Huntington (Figure 1)
Jonathan Cruickshank (Figure 2,3,4&5)

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