Licuala grandis

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Figure 1. L. grandis


Common Names:

Ruffled Fan Leaf Palm,
Vanuatau Fan Palm,
Palas Payung

Distribution & Habitat:

Lowland rainforest of the Soloman Islands, and Vanuatu


A very attractive, single trunking Licuala, to about 2.5m, with glossy, dark green, entire leaves.


A very popular plant among palm collectors. Likes moist soil, and can stand full sun in the tropics (high humidity), tho requires shade in the sub-tropics.

Figure 2. L. grandis outside the Holiday Inn, Kuching.
Figure 3. L. grandis's lovely infructescence.
Figure 1. L. grandis split leaf form. Leaves open entire and gradually split.

Contributed by:

Chris King (Figure 1)
Mike Gray (Figure 2&3)
Luke Nancarrow (Figure 4)

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