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P&C 135.jpg


No. 135, April - June 2017

Contents this Issue

  • Australian Philip John MacMahon (1857-1911) and the Palm Collection in the old Brisbane Botanic Gardens - John Leslie Dowe
  • Sabal antillensis - A new palm from the Dutch West Indies - Mark Wuschke
  • Depictions of Palms on Coins II - Ancient Carthage - Mark Wuschke
  • Palm Oil App for you Smart Phone - Stuart Marckson


Front Cover: Tropical Cyclone Debbie devastates North Queensland.

P&C 134.jpg

No. 134, January - March 2017

Contents this Issue

  • Australian Plant Communities at Brisbane Botanical Gardens Mt. Coot-tha - Stuart Markson
  • A Survey of Syagrus Hybrids - Kelen Pureza Soares
  • PACSOA Annual Show 2017 - Mark Wuschke
  • The Palm Paintings of Augustus Earle - Mark Wuschke
  • A Revision of Syagrus - Mark Wuschke
  • Philippines Bans Cutting of Coconut Palms - Arnando Reyes


Front Cover: The Australian Plant Communites Lake at BBG, Mt. Cootha. It is lined with Bangalow Palms and other swamp lovers.

P&C 133.jpg

No. 133, October - December 2016

Contents this Issue

  • The Vanishing Queen Palms of Brisbane: is the Reign Over? - John Leslie Dowe/Mark Wuschke
  • Outstanding Gardens in the Mackay - Whitsunday Region - Hans Querl
  • Will and Margaret Kraa Retire


Front Cover: A viewing looking up into an historic avenue of Cocos palms (Syagrus romanzoffiana) at Toowong Memorial Park, Brisbane.


P&C 132.jpg

No. 132, July - September 2016

Contents this Issue

  • Palm Grove National Park - Mark Wuschke
  • Ravenea louvelii - Mark Wuschke
  • The Palms of Canada – Part 3 – Calgary Zoo - Mark Wuschke
  • Tell Us About Your Coconuts!


Front Cover: Mt. Tamborine rain forest


P&C 131.jpg

No. 131, April - June 2016

Contents this Issue

  • Review of Cultivated Ptychosperma - Mark Wuschke
  • Maroochy Bushland Botanic Gardens - Heather Knowles
  • Cycads in Chapel Hill - Mark Wuschke
  • Gardens by the Bay - Carmen Forster
  • Rhapidophylum in Cultivation - Will Kraa
  • New AQIS Website


Front Cover: Ptychosperma furcatum

P&C 130.jpg

No. 130, January - March 2016

Contents this Issue

  • Memoriam - Ailsa Boyden (1939-2016)
  • Dioon planifolium - A new Cycad from Mexico - Mark Wuschke
  • Walter Hill’s palm collection at the Brisbane Botanic Garden, 1855-1881 - John Leslie Dowe
  • The Palm Collection of New Farm Park - Mark Wuschke


Front Cover: Dioon planifolium

P&C 129.jpg

No. 129, October – December 2015

Contents this Issue

  • Review of the palm collections in the Royal Botanic Gardens Sydney and the Wollongong Botanic Gardens - Garry Daly
  • The CYCAD 2015 conference in Colombia - Nathalie Nagalingum
  • Memoriam – Leo Gamble


Front Cover: Pinanga coronata

P&C 128.jpg

No. 128, July – September 2015

Contents this Issue

  • Observations of cycads in Central Queensland, their habitat and conservation status - Trevor Meers
  • A Survey of Ecuadorean Palms from the Southern Montane Forests to the Tropical Amazon - Garry Daly


Front Cover: New flush of growth on female Cycas ophiolitica. Photo: Trevor Meers

P&C 127.jpg

No. 127, April – June 2015

Contents this Issue

  • Climbing Mt Gower, March 05 2015 - Troy Donovan
  • Further observations of rainforest Cycads in SE Queensland - Trevor Meers
  • The Methuselah Palm – 10 Years On
  • Palms on Coins
  • The Date Palm in Ancient Assyria - Mark Wuschke


Front Cover: Hedyscepe canterburyana atop Mt. Gower, Lord Howe Island. Photo: Troy Donovan

P&C 126.jpg

No. 126, January – March 2015

Contents this Issue

  • The Queens Park Botanic Gardens, Toowoomba - Heather Knowles
  • The Palms & Cycads of Canada – Part 1 – Calgary - Mark Wuschke
  • The Palms & Cycads of Canada – Part 1 – Calgary - Mark Wuschke
  • More Tell Us Your Horror Story!
  • Memoriam Dr. John Price (1931 – 2014)


Front Cover: The Cycad Garden at Queens Park Botanic Gardens, Toowoomba. Photo: Heather Knowles

P&C 125.jpg

No. 125, October–December 2014

Contents this Issue

  • Madagascar – Short Explorations in Tried and True Places of Interest - Gary Daly
  • Observations of Rainforest Macrozamias in SE Queensland - Trevor Meers
  • Tell Us Your Horror Story! - The Readers


Front Cover: Marojejy insignis, detail of inflorescence, Marojejy National Park, Madagascar. Photo: Gary Daly

P&C 124.jpg

No. 124, July–September 2014

Contents this Issue

  • Costa Rica – Palms in the Neotropics - Gary Daly
  • A new species of Welfia from Peru - Mark Wuschke
  • Mackay – the City of Palms - Keith Boyden
  • My Cyrtostachys renda - Keith Boyden


Front Cover: New leaf of juvenile Welfia regia. Photo: Gary Daly

P&C 123.jpg

No. 123, April–June 2014

Contents this Issue

  • Pollination in Cultivated Cycads - Will Kraa
  • A Palm Paradise in the Tropics - Fred & Jeanette Birkbeck
  • Show Us Your Lipstick - Fred & Jeanette Birkbeck, Rudy Meyer, Ray Lawler, Jean-Charles Guex
  • Memoriam – Loran M. Whitelock (1930 – 2014)


Front Cover: Naturally pollinated Zamia integrifolia ripe cones at Will Kraa’s garden.

P&C 122.jpg

No. 122, January–March 2014

Contents this Issue

  • The Urbenville Bangalow - Daryl O’Connor & Wal Donovan
  • The Australian National Botanic Gardens, Canberra – Cycads And Other Things - Heather Knowles
  • Garden Pests – Feral Deer - Mark Wuschke


Front Cover: A group of Bangalow palms Archontophoenix cunninghamiana, near Urbenville, NSW. Note the unusual dark coloured crownshaft and upright leaves.


P&C 121.jpg

No. 121 - October–December 2013

Contents this Issue

  • Borneo Revisited, Part 2 – Sarawak - Hans Querl
  • The Palms of Vienna - Mark Wuschke
  • The Seaforth Sabal - Keith Boyden
  • A Survey of Dioon - Heather Knowles


Front Cover: Licuala orbicularis, one of the stunning palms found in Sarawak’s national parks. Photo: Hans Querl


P&C 120.jpg

No. 120 - July-Sept 2013

Contents this Issue

  • Borneo Revisited Part 1: Brunei - Hans Querl
  • Cycads In Italy - Mark Wuschke
  • The Cycad House at Kew - Mark Wuschke


Front Cover: Korthalsia sp. rattan palm, at Ulu Temburong National Park, Brunei. Photo: Hans Querl


P&C 119.jpg

No. 119 - April-June 2013

Contents this Issue

  • PACSOA Excursion to Brisbane Botanic Gardens - Heather Knowles
  • Going Walkabout in the Territory No. 7. Cycas calcicola - Keith Boyden
  • Going Walkabout in the Territory No. 8. Cycas angulata - Keith Boyden
  • Who Says You Can’t?
  • The Not-quite-Lost palm of Rodriques Island - Mark Wuschke


Front Cover: The elegant blue leaves of the African cycad Encephalartos princeps, at Mt. Cootha Botanic Gardens, Brisbane. Photo Heather Knowles


P&C 118.jpg

No. 118 - January–March 2013

Contents this Issue

  • Palms & Cycads of Manorina - Mark Wuschke
  • Never Give Up on a Cycad
  • Sabal minor - Will Kraa
  • What Ever Happened to… The Majestic Palm - Mark Wuschke
  • PACSOA Annual Show – 2013 Review
  • Fasciated Cones in Cycas revoluta


Front Cover: Majestic Australian Cabbage Palms (Livistona australis) and Bangalows (Archontophoenix cunninghamiana) at Manorina, D’Aguilar National Park, Queensland. Photo Mark Wuschke