Areca triandra

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Figure 1. A. triandra

Common Names:[edit]

Triandra palm

Distribution & Habitat:[edit]

Understory palm of tropical/sub-tropical rainforests. Found in India, and throughout south-east Asia.


A very attractive clustering palm to about 5m (16ft) high, with light green, white ringed, stems, and dark green fronds. It has fragrant, lemon scented, pale yellow flowers, which form into orange/red fruit about 25mm (1 inch) long.


An easily grown palm for both the tropics and sub-tropics, it needs shade when young, as well as a moist, well drained soil. This plant is a very useful and attractive addition to a rainforest garden.

Contributed by:[edit]

Ian Edwards (Figure 1,2,3)
Don (Figure 4)

Figure 2. A. triandra with attractive trunks.
Figure 3. A. triandra inflorescence.
Figure 4. A. triandra infructescence.

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