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Technical Sites[edit]

PalmWeb - the authoritative source of technical information about palms.

E-Monocot - an online resource for monocot plants.

The Cycad Pages - the definitive cycad site.

Trebrown - complete list of the world's palms [Arecaceae].

Trebrown - complete list of all the world's cycads [Cycadae].

Palm and Cycad Societies[edit]

International Palm Society

The Cycad Society

The Virtual Palm and Cycad Encyclopedia (Palm & Cycad Societies of Florida) A massive collection of images, and articles.

The Palm and Cycad Society of Western Australia

New Zealand Palm & Cycad Society

The Palm Society of Southern California

The Northern California Palm Society

The Central Florida Palm and Cycad Society

The European Palm Society

The Palm Society Of Antilles and Guyana - French only but it has a huge collection of images of rarely seen South American palms.

The Cycad Society of South Africa A very professional site, and the place to find out about South African cycads.

Palm Sites[edit]

Palms and Gardens of South-West Europe (Spain)

Palm Tree Care: a step-by-step guide (USA)

Palm information at the Univ. of Florida (USA)

Lundkvist Palm Garden in Hawai (USA) - a website dedicated to a spectacular 5 acre garden with more than 5000 individual palms representing approximately 625 different species.

Lynn McKamey's Gateway to Unusual Palms & Exotic Plants (USA) - comprehensive articles about Rhapis palms, and Cycas revoluta.

Cold Climate Palm Sites[edit]

Cool Climate Palms and Ferns (Australia)

The Cool Tropics - THE site for cold tolerance information.

Cold-Rating DataBase - Minimum temperatures for palms, cycads, and tropicals.

Highland Palms (USA)

Palms in Scandinavia

The Polar Palms of Bulgaria

Plant a Tropical Island Paradise - an excellent site for British palm enthusiasts. (UK)

Cycad Sites[edit]

The Cycad Pages (The definitive cycad site).

Cycad Talk A Cycad Forum and Exchange

Cycad Friends A South African-based non-profit organization dedicated to cycad propagation.

Introduction to the Cycads

Czech Cycads

Cycads of India

Commercial Nurseries[edit]


Cycad Gardens (Qld) - Australia's finest collection of cycads, specialising in Encephalartos.

Palms for Brisbane (Qld) - a retail palm nursery with a very wide range, and developing a library of usefull articles on sub-tropical palms

Utopia Palms and Cycads (Qld) - specializing in New Guinea and Irian Jaya palms - mostly wholesale rare palms and cycads, seeds and plants - very informative with photographs.

Price's Palm Plantation - wholesale grower of palms and cycads.

Eastern Nurseries (Qld) - wholesale nursery dealing in Cycads, Rhapis excelsa, and limited numbers of a variety of rare Japanese Miniature Green and variegated Rhapis Palms.

Palm Plantations Of Australia - specialising in the Oil Palm (Elaeis guineensis).

Impact Plants (NSW) - specialising in tropical plants at Empire Bay on the NSW Central Coast.

Cycad International (NT) - Australia's largest cycad nursery.


Gary's Nursery (NC) - grower of Cold Hardy Palms in the Central Coastal Plain of NC

Nickel Palm Nursery (California)

South Coast Palms (California)

Doug Eckel's Palms, Cycads, And Platyceriums (California)

Jungle Music Palms & Cycads (Southern California)

Deluca Farms (Florida)

MB Palms (Florida) - rare palms and cycads.

The Cycad Jungle (Florida)

Floribunda Palms & Exotics (Hawai)

South Seas Palm Company - specialising in Kentia Palms (Michigan)


Rare Palm Seeds (UK)

Trebrown Nurseries (UK) - Palm trees, exotic plants and seeds.

Athelas Plants (UK)

Thrinax (Germany)

Palme Per Paket (Germany)

La Palmeraie (Holland)

Garden Palms (Holland)

Prince Of Palms (Spain) - specialising in rare and exotic palms (plants and seeds)

Deluca Farms (Italy)


Golden Lotus (Thailand)

Palms and Tropicals Online (South Africa)

Botanical Gardens[edit]

The Australian National Botanical Gardens

Brisbane Botanic Gardens

Darwin Botanic Gardens

Sydney Royal Botanic Gardens

Royal Botanic Garden Kew, England

Fairchild Tropical Garden

Montgomery Botanical Center

Related Sites[edit]

Azafady - a charitable organisation working on a combination of environmental and humanitarian projects in Madagascar.

Permaculture Plants Sustainable Agriculture Research Institute - (Australia)

Wind Load Analysis for Trees

Tours for Garden, Nature and Botany Enthusiasts - (Australia)

General Interest Botanical links[edit]

Australian Native Plants Society (ANSPA)

World Conservation Monitoring Centre

Fort Lauderdale Research and Education Center (Fort Lauderdale REC)

Lyon Arboretum at the University of Hawaii

Texas A&M University Horticulture Department

General Interest Gardening links[edit]


Burkes Backyard

The Garden Web

Australian Gardening and Horticulture